Demo Ses Işık, While maintaining 22 years of sector leadership, it is far beyond being a sound-light company that only leases technical equipment today.


Universal, prestigious and market value, which exemplifies its competitors, who provide common and reliable services all over Istanbul, accepting everyone and every part of their customers and human resources as the most valuable asset, constantly creating a difference and value worthy of its deeply rooted past. To be a high company.


We continue to provide quality service with 22 years of sector leadership and equipment capacity and experienced staff that can provide all kinds of technical services in concerts, fashion shows, conferences, openings, weddings and private organizations beyond just being a sound and light company that rents only technical equipment today.


By understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, providing them with the most appropriate solution and value proposals from the right channel, delivering a wide range of products and service channels with wide service and delivery channels to every part of Istanbul in the fastest and most effective manner, To be a firm that operates with sustainable profitability and efficiency in world standards and keeps customer satisfaction superior than anything else.

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